Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Holding action at Mortree

On the weekend Boyd and I decided to play a rapid fire game , so I sat down and wrote a scenario for the Falaise pocket. The defence of Mortree North of Alencon on the Argentan road, elements of the 116th panzer division were to fight a delaying action against the US 15th corps.
The scenario called for Panzer grenadier regiment 156 and elements of Panzerjager abt 228 to delay the American armour from leaving the table for eight turns and if possible retreat at least 50% of the Regiment 156 off the table. Needless to say the Germans failed to retreat 50% but did manage to delay the Americans so a minor victory to the Germans.


  1. Very nice terrain, thanks for sharing.


  2. Beautiful game - great looking table and some nice armies.