Monday, July 16, 2012

Defending the Gap!

The crisp morning sun beat down of the British and Belgian troops, they brewed up in their pits aware out there somewhere was a German Panzer division, possibly heading straight towards them, German aircraft almost controlled the skies, Belgian refugees were streaming down the road with all their valuables in tow............

We set up for a straight forward defence scenario of ten turns using rapid fire rules, we rolled for elements by company (4,5,6 they arrived), the Germans manged to get a full recon batn on, two full infantry battalions,  two company's of armour and a HQ element, no heavy armour company, no Stugs and no artillery (the horse s were tired!!!). The Belgians managed to get a full Ardennes rifle batn on, with support elemets and a company of FT17s. The British managed to get two full battns of Infantry, support elements a artillery battery , divisonal AT, and one vickers tank...........and  the two armoured batns failed to arrived (I blame the French road signs......). The aircraft sorties were then sorted, the Germans rolled 8 on a D10 and the Belgians rolled 6........we then rolled for arrival in each turn, The Germans elected to take 4 Stuka passes and 4 fighter passes, the Belgians used a fighter only, the Roll offs resulted in only 5 german sorties (2 stuka and 3 fighter) and the Belgians 2 sorties.......using a French plane!!!

Turn 1
The Germans move the first recon elements onto the table and launch Stuka airstrike on the Belgian armour

it fails its morale roll and flees off the table!!!!!

The Germans move into the Village

turn 2
The German armoured cars arrive along with recon support elements and the first British arty round land!!! Belgian civilians are blocking the road forcing the Germans to go x country

Turn 3 more German elements arrive incl armour and infantry, more arty bombardment

Turn 4 More Germans arrive, they are waiting for a build up before advancing.......the sneaky devils

Turn 5 The German recon advances, probing and finds the enemy right flank!!!

and pays for it 

two crew make it out......

more infantry move up to support the armour

Turn 6 the Germans start the assault on the left also

the infantry start taking losses

Impotent Pierre arrives......."I seeee nothzing" The LOL of the day

Turn 8 The German armour find the left defences the hard way when three AT guns open up
heavy damage in the interupt phase....

destroyed in the allied turn phase

the Germans continue the advance, clearing the trenches of BEF

Turn 9 The Germans continue the assault, the Stuka does damage to the AT guns and the A/C take out the British 18pdr bty.

Turn Ten The Germans are victorious and get three armoured company's off the table, meanwhile the Belgians gaurd their front!



  1. Cool looking game, and very cool mini's

  2. Good looking game and looked like fun. It makes me want to expand my 20mm ww2 stuff to include Early Western Front.

  3. good looking game and great report

  4. Nice Batrep. Always enjoy seeing those early war models in action.