Friday, May 17, 2024

Terrain Tuesday - light poles

  Always adding a bit of 20th century and modern bits to the collection. Some street lamps from model railway supplier, I was hoping to get some more cows done too but next week I suspect. 

I sculpted the paving with green stuff, I did think about adding LEDs but that is for the more permanent pieces I purchased for my city blocks. 



Wednesday, May 8, 2024

WIP Wednesday -Artillery

 More artillery bits underway, all Early War miniatures some big guns for my British heavy artillery, airborne light artillery, correct six pounders for my British airborne who have currently Airfix guns and some Belgian Chassuer Ardennes 1940 AT and light artillery. 



Sunday, April 28, 2024

50th Infantry Division Tyne tees part 3

50th Infantry Division Tyne tees part 3 artillery 


Back working on my Tyne Tees, last month you may recall I built four priests. Two of these will join my Tyne Tees Northumberland regiment along with some towed 25 pounders. I competed the crew this eeek in preparation for the vehicles being completed over the weekend. 

First up gun crews and drivers, figures are all PSC crews. 

Then some Bren crew for the OP



Saturday, April 20, 2024

Wehrmacht horse drawn harness

  I have been messing around with some German horse transport recently and I wanted to get some photos of some museum examples of German horse harness for the small trailers (jigs as we call them in Australia). So when I was on tour this week with guests I managed to snap a few at the DDay experience museum. I will pass these onto Dan who is adding 3d files for us crazy Wargamers so I can have the correct harness! 

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Book Review :- Flak, A photo study of German anti-aircraft weapons

 Look what arrived in the post today! 

I have had this on preorder for some time and I am very excited to see it arrive with my friendly postie! 

A lot of first time photos for me, as the book starts with Machine guns through to the big stuff and Rockets. Lots of great photos of flak wagons, and truck mounted pieces including a few rare ones.

I was particularly interested to see the more unusual MG mounts, the Flak 20, 37 and 88 position layouts, with ammo, reference for the crew etc and the remote controlled rockets.

Looking forward to modelling some of these beasts over the coming year. 



Monday, April 8, 2024

Fallschirmjager support elements

 Off the desk actually more than two weeks ago but managed to get some photos today while packing away and cleaning up my desk for the next project. 28mm Warlord metal miniatures much better than the plastic offerings. 

Tripod MG 42

81mm mortar 

120mm mortar