Monday, September 19, 2022

Duxford IWM part 3

 Part three of our visit was to the small airborne museum, as a ex Aussie Para it is always of interest! 

Most interesting were the maps of the diorama from the dday landing zones.

A number of photos will join my para equipment articles also



Sunday, September 18, 2022

Duxford IWM part 2

 The jet fighters and modern aircraft pics from our visit to Duxford. 

Airborne museum next 



Duxford IWM part 1

 IWM Duxford

In the UK for a short holiday and the wife and we visited a bucket list destination for both of us,  Duxford IWM for the day. 

A fabulous museum that any aircraft nut should visit. We also paid an extra £10 each for the Lancaster experience and lecture which was a highlight for both of us as the Lancaster is my wife’s favorite aircraft of ww2. 

 The second highlight was the watch the flight of the twin seater spitfire experience 45 min ride around Cambridgeshire. 

A great collection of ww1, mid war, ww2 and modern aircraft were on display but split over several hangers and not in any particular order, we also visited the ops room, the American air museum plus we visited the small airborne museum also, but failed to make the East Anglian regiment museum and the land component museum. 

First up some ww2 aircraft photos, then next post modern 


Saturday, August 13, 2022

Dutch Vickers 152mm Howitzers

 Vickers 152mm Howitzers

The next piece off the table is my heavy battery for my Dutch. 32 guns were purchased from the British government in 1920. One regiment was formed of three battalions was with the Vickers 152cm Lang Howitzer and were parceled out as Corps reserve artillery. Towed by farm tractors in tandem in the majority and resupply was by trucks. 

Gun and figures are from Early War Miniatures. 


Friday, August 12, 2022

Dutch 75mm Krupp Siderius field gun

 75mm Krupp Siderius 02/04 field gun

Off the desk today is two 75mm field guns, a limber with cassion and a observer element. The Dutch named the 75mm Krupp Siderius as the 7 veld gun, the guns served in both the Netherlands and in the Dutch East Indies. The 7 veld served the infantry divisions with 12 guns per battalion, and three battalions per division normally, two 7 veld and one 120mm or 150mm battalion per Infantry Division. 

Sixteen 7 velds were modified for the light division with rubber tyres and were towed by heavy cars, the remainder had wooden wheels. Only 2000 rounds in total were available for the 7 veld on the eve of the war so many division only carried one resupply for the guns. The 7 veld battalions where in the majority horse drawn for the war, along with horse drawn supply and associated services. 

The gun and miniatures are from Early War Miniatures, the cassion is from moonlight model works and Hat driver and horses.