Saturday, May 1, 2021

Bundesgrenzschutz part 4

Bundesgrenzschutz Kampfgruppe

Completed my first part of my kampfgruppe of Bundesgrenzschutz, the uniform of the Elheim figures works from 1967 to 1990. The Female figures are only suitable after 87. 

I have painted some in checkpoint colours and some in port and airport khaki trousers, so they will be suitable for Warpac SF raids . I still have two companies in camouflage to complete, plus support mortar, dog section, and bomb disposal. For vehicles I have one car, one VW van, an ambulance, and helicopter to complete the kampfgruppe. I also want to scratch build a armoured car. 

Bundesgrenzschutz part three Painting guide

 Painting guide Bundesgrenzschutz 1976-1990

Below is my Uniform colour suggestions for 20mm bundesgrenzschutz from 1976-1990.
M53 Helmet dark Green Vallejo German Camo dark Green 70979
Beret dark green Vallejo reflective green  70890
Service cap green, black visor and leatherwork Vallejo reflective green 70890
Dress Tunic green Vallejo reflective green 70890
tie green Vallejo 70967
reed green trousers Vallejo reflective green 70890
Khaki trousers (border crossing, customs and port and airport troops) Vallejo Khaki 70988
General service trousers green Vallejo Olive Green 70967
ochre yellow dress shirts Vallejo Green Ochre 70914
boots black grey Vallejo black grey 70 862
skirts (female) green Vallejo Reflective green 70890
leather belts, straps equipment black  Vallejo Black Grey 70862
Webbing black green  vallejo military green Vallejo 70975
bread bag green Vallejo Olive Green 70967
Water Bottle green Vallejo Olive Green 70967 or old style brown Vallejo Beige brown 70875 black cup 
mess tin black old Vallejo Black Grey 70862 or green new model reflective green 70890
shovel handle dark timber Vallejo flat Brown 70984, shovel black Vallejo Black Grey 70862
Great coat green Vallejo reflective green 70890
Waffenfarbe white vallejo 70951

Camouflage uniform 

My colours suggested are sumpfmuster camouflage uniforms
Basic Grey beige shade: RAL 1019 Vallejo German camo beige 821

Reddish spots: RAL 8012 red brown Vallejo 8012 red brown or Mahogany Brown 70846

Dark gray spots: RAL 7006 beige gray Vallejo beige brown 70875


Friday, April 30, 2021

#30daykitchallenge part four

 Wrap up

Well thirty days of putting 1/72 kits together, completely over it actually, still have ten kits to go that have been started up to three years ago, but very happy with my results. A total of 56 kits assembled ready for undercoat, I hit my goal of 50, but run out of steam in the last week. 

Ok so more resin and plastic plus a few metal guns 

Airfix scorpion, the tracks were a pain in the A

Wespe resin Dutch Paag trekkers, fiddly kits

Mirage 2000 a nice fitting Helier kit

Skyhawk starfix kit a very old kit 

T55 enigma a mixed resin and plastic kit

DD Sherman’s Britannia I think 

SHQ 15cm Howitzer 

T-62b Britannia for my Egyptians 

Para motorcycles 

PT76 plastic a very nice kit for my Egyptians 

Airfix bofors 40mm for my Dutch 

More T-62b these need the Syrian upgrades 

British airborne locust and 6pdr SHQ

Britannia Churchill funny, I want to scratch build the which and add cable after painting 

Airfix Buccaneer awaiting pilots 

Total 25 kits 


Tuesday, April 20, 2021

#30daykitchallenge part three

30 day kit challenge build part 3

 Simple resin ready to roll kits for my British army 7 kits. More resin and plastic coming up soon. 

Month Total 38 kits



Friday, April 16, 2021

#30daykitchallenge part two


 #30daykitchallenge part two

I been busy putting resin kits together over the last 10 days, plus some plastics. I have 9 more resin kits I should finish in the next few days, with lots of filling and hand rails and bits to be added.

Primarily British army kits this week.

Armourfast Cromwell tanks, almost feels like cheating.....I am thinking about adding better lights, light guards and tow cables.....we shall see

Resin Traction are missing, so a search is required for the bumpers and lights

RAF Forward observer  

SHQ Polson

Humber A/C


Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Bundesgrenzschutz Part two WIP

 Bundesgrenzschutz WIP

Elhiem 20mm figures, a simple paint job really except for the stumpfmuster chaps. 18 figures in total, I want to add one truck or two trucks, one armoured car, two cars and a motorcycle, ambulance and perhaps a helicopter to the unit. I plan to have them complete by Friday. I will also be adding plastic Nato figures to this build for a few variations and the mortar team.

now my first vehicle a Ambulance in the common yellow
Ambulance Wip

I will post a step by step painting guide next