Sunday, September 6, 2020

Salon de Guerre/Wargames Room renovation IV

Today I started to add the Moloton (wall fabric underlay) and the 18th century reproduced fabric for the walls. Nessa commenced the restoration of the chandelier which was completed this afternoon.

Really happy with the 18th century reproduction fabric and how it looks with the gold and grey/white walls. Tomorrow I will erect the chandelier and complete the fabric on the 5x2 m wall.


Friday, September 4, 2020

Wargames Room / Salon de Guerre III

Yesterday I had my premier game in the partially finished “Salon de Guerre” with our week long holiday guest Chris Pringle   (Author of Bloody Big Battles) and his wife. A very delightful visit and a great rapid fire game to bless the room.

We decided to play a battalion of British paras with a support company holding the village to prevent the Germans from exiting the table. The Wehrmacht forces were two battalions of infantry, one stug and a recon light armoured car coy, plus a coy of recon mechanised infantry, commands by a RHQ.

Chris really used his battalion artillery well along with his mortars first to lay smoke to make his assault on the defending Brits, then to pound the paras until they were pinned. Eventually he assaulted the village after losing two companies pushed or destroyed the remaining Brits out capturing before the allotted 15 turns.



Friday, August 21, 2020

Salon de Guerre part two

Salon de Guerre

My “salon de Guerre“ Wargames room, will be the second one in France that I am aware of, the first of course is in Versailles palace, the other of course in in “l’hotel de Hercé” in sunny Mayenne!

I finally returned to work on the Wargames room restoration on the first floor this month after spending two months on the second floor renovations. We finally selected the colour combination after charging it from a darker scheme to a lighter putty colour and gold trim on the decorative wood work. The ceiling repair was a bit of work to get it 100%, I moved the communication cables and added the cat six cable in behind the skirting boards. The Exterior door repairs With some new glass and exterior waterproofing has to be done also. We opened up the fireplace again and it requires a little work before I fire can be lit in it again.

Overall very happy, still need to finish off the doors and some detail work, remove the heaters and paint behind them and put them back again (tomorrow’s job)  add the fabric to the large panel and the curtains (which Vanessa has made). The goal is to finish by next Wednesday.

A few photos of the progress


Tuesday, August 4, 2020

C.L.E containers II

Completed ten C.L.E containers last week, scratch built containers from two part putty and sprues that were cut to size and drilled out. Quite happy with them, the parachutes are from my own resin mold that was made 8 years ago or more. Be nice additions to my DDay and Arnhem table terrain bits.