Thursday, May 25, 2017

Koolhoven F.K 51

My Latest edition to my Dutch, a artillery spotter for my heavy battery

The Koolhoven FK 51 and the enclosed FK52 was a Dutch designed two seater reconnaissance plane used in Holland, by May 1940 only sixteen obsolete biplanes were flying when the invasion commenced, only four survived the german air strikes on the air fields in the first few days, one at Hilversum and one at Ruigenhoek, one at Ypenburg and one at Gilze Rijen.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Fokker G1

After searching for about 6 months I have found a model of the Fokker G1, unfortunately it is a Vacform kit. I have not built one for about 6 years and they can be a challenge to get looking right, but I am confident I can do it!

The Fokker was nominated one of the top ten fighters of ww2, and possibly was in 1940. My Dutch look forward to the skies being protected with this beauty.

Desert buildings

We have returned from a very pleasant and relaxing  5 week holiday in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Switzerland. When I got home I had a number of Christmas gifts waiting and books, amounts to these gifts was some 15mm/20mm hovels desert dwellings which are very nice but a little small to go with my existing middle eastern buildings. I still painted them as it was a easy thing to do when I sat down at my desk.


Friday, November 25, 2016

Duif Leger wagon

Next on my Dutch army build is Dove trailer (Duif Leger wagon), the Dutch still had a strong reliance on doves for messages, especially the reserve divisions. In my research I came across a lot of different documents, I have cherry picked a few of them and added them below.
My WIP is well underway with the wagon built from a german wagon bottom and Russian workshop on top.

Eenheid               Bericht- houder   Mand aanvals, Mand loopgraaf, Mand ransel, Mand rijwiel
Reg infanterie            10                    1                     1                                                     2
Grensbat Inf.              25                    4                     2                                                    1
Reg. Wielrijders         20                    6                                                                            2
Reg. Huzaren            20                    2                      1
Reg Huz Moterr         15                                                                          2                      1
KMA                           5                     1                       1                            1                      1
SROI                          5                     1                       1                                                    1
Kaderbat Laren         10                    4                       2                             1                     2
2R. G.. Tr.*                                                                                             1
* 1x Gaskast
Tabel 1: Materieel voor postduiven ingedeeld bij een aantal opleidingseenheden 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Dutch artillery tractor

To start my Dutch artillery park I have part scratch built a model based on this picture.

The tractor I used is a "Oxford" 1/87 model with scratch built hubs, SHQ box and tarp, early war miniatures driver, the limber is a "Minarions" piece with the seat from the bits box, boxs etc from airfix.


Saturday, May 7, 2016

28mm Rhodesian Light Infantry and Alouette III G car

After more than three years in the painting pile I finally put these guys onto the table about a month ago, just before I moved house from the outer suburbs of Sydney to the inner west of Sydney.

I really like the figures and they were a joy to paint, I have an original RLI camo jacket in my collection so I had a very good idea about the  camouflage, I loved the patrol pose and the weapons are superb sculpts, I used a SLR  and mag 58 during my service so happy to see them so well done.

The Alouette III  G car helicopter proved to be a much tougher model with a lot of fiddling to get it correct, I strengthened the blade connection with wire and plastic card, I have also made a stand for the beast as it is too heavy for the wheels, I am very happy with the result also.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Operation "Popcorn chicken" Попкорн курица

Damien, Dan and myself decided to have a midweek fame at my place this week, and we decided to have a modern game using Modern Rapid Fire rules.

Damien selected the west Germans and Dan the Russians, I umpired the game, the game was a seesaw game, the soviets finally won though after both Leo 1s were destroyed and the infantry failed morale roll and surrendered.

West Germans advance to take up defensive positions

All quite

The greasy chicken in the striped roof, we joked that if the soviets could not get close the soviet would target it with artillery and create some popcorn chicken!
Leo takes out the btr 80 at long range

Another BTR80 destroyed, but it did reveal a leopard 1
Who was then destroyed by a t80
Which in turn was destroyed by a brave Russian using a RPG

Btr80 destroyed by a leopard 1