Sunday, September 25, 2011

Valkenswaard Table, It Never Snows In September

A great little scenario the kick off for our market garden weekend, with a nail biting finish, 30 corps failed to get off the table in six turns, so this changed arrival times on the next table.

The Typhoon is suspended on wire and a weighted stand. 

terrain Richard and Myself a mix of buildings
Brits Richard
SHQ, Milicast, Britannia, AB and plastic kits
German Paras my collection
FAA, Battlefield, Blitz, Dragon and plastic kits

It Never Snows In September Arnhem Wargaming Weekend

A selection of pictures from our clubs Arnhem game last weekend, pictures taken by myself, Ian, and Gregory Blake.

The 20mm Terrain is from my collection, designed and built by myself  and Chris Llyod.
Germans from Bruce's and my collection
Airborne Brits from Richards and my collection
Figs are from SHQ, Britannia, Kellys Heroes, Battlefield, Blitz, vehicles are a mix of SHQ, Milicast, Britannia, Frontline, various plastic kits

the full table