Monday, June 17, 2019


A little piece off the desk, a Raventhorpe checkpoint, quite happy with the colours. Will be useful for many games I think.


Ardenne Abbey, Normandy

Working on my unpainted building pile and I decided to paint my Ardenne Abbey after visiting in May. I purchased the 20mm Raventhorpe Model some time ago and have never really got around to building it. I plan to build the main buildings surrounding the abbbey in 20mm so a lot to cram onto a 600 x 600 terrain board. The main features are the tithe barn, the grand gate and the port gate, along with the gardens. As the piece will only feature on some games I thought that the only permanent pieces will be the hedges and fences, and the gardens, so I can swap out for a chateau or something else on the tile also.
A feature around the property is a 2.5 to 3m stone fence, I have purchased a random stone roller to make them, stay tuned


DDay Normandy 2019

This year we had Canadian guests for DDay tours from the 4th to the 8th of June. On the fifth on June we attended the commemorations at Carentan and Sainte Mère Église. We elected to visit both camp Arizona at Carentan and Geronimo at Sainte Mère Église, plus the museum.
The crowds were big as expected, but we entered Carentan from the south west so we could park at the stock yards, and have a short walk to the events. At Sainte Mère Église we managed to get a car park  near the tourist info centre, 40m from the church!