Friday, July 7, 2017

WW2 Dutch Army part 1

Dutch Army 1940

I have added more Dutch to add to the growing collection of 1940 troops, I still have quite a lot to do to complete the army, predominantly infantry, motorcycles and some armour.

1st up are some Dutch Hussars, converted from Minairons Republican cavalry, The Dutch hussars had three regiments in service, but I cannot find if any were mounted, but I suspect some were used for scouting and reconnaissance. 
WW2 Dutch Hussars

Dutch cyclists from EWM, lovely models I am picking up another 20 odd of these to make the whole battalion mounted!

1940 Dutch Cyclists

EWM 20mm Dutch Cyclists

The 7 veld infantry gun, limbered artillery, gun and limber Moonlight models, horses and crew Revell.

Dutch 7 veld artillery piece

Dutch 7 Veld, the moonlight model is no longer available unfortunately 

Hope you enjoy these


Dutch Airforce Fokker D XXIII MPM 1/72

Fokker D XXIII

A very rare plane for my Dutch, although only one was built and flying at the time of the invasion it never flew in anger and it was destroyed at the airfield at schiphol  I decided to build this lovely kit by MPM just because I had to have it!

1/72 Fokker D XXIII


Fairey Fox mkII Pegasus resin kit Part 1

Fairey Fox mkII 

next on the desk for construction a resin Pegasus Fairey Fox mkI which will be converted to a mkII for my Belgians.

The main difference is the wheels, canopy, prop and nose, all  donated from another kit, also adding wartime pilots and an extra mg for the floor mg and windscreen from the spare parts box.

The Mk II, hopefully look something like this, note the prop, canopy, wheel covers, air intake is larger, wheel struts are positioned differently and the wing W struts, unseen is the rear wheel, the Lewis Mg which points downwards from the observers position and bomb racks which I will add.


Alvis-Straussler Hefty WIP Part Two

Belgian Alvis-Straussler Hefty Part Two

The Alvis Hefty was an experimental cross country tow developed to tow small field pieces across rough ground. See the previous article about this strange vehicle.

Belgian Alvis Hefty

I have been working on my Alvis Hefty Belgian artillery tow for my chassuers, here are my WIP photos, basically it purchased the airfix emergency kit of two Austin trucks and have used pieces from that to make up this vehicle. Also the boxes on the rear are from the airfix Morris cd artillery tow.

Hopefully it will look something like this


Polish 1/72 first to fight

last weekend saw a furious few days of putting together some polish kits for my 30 day kit challenge. These kits are all from the first to fight range of kits, I bought them direct from Jadar hobbies in Poland earlier in the year, they worked out with shipping more than 50% cheaper then purchasing locally.

The first to fight is a little fiddle and the instructions are not that clear but they do look good when together, but I feel are a little undersized for my liking. They will however make a great addition to my polish.

My polish have already a number of frontline resin kits that will be sold off when I paint these ones.


Zil 157 20mm trucks

off the desk in last weekend a bunch of kits that have taken me two weeks to do as I done four of them in a production line while on a business trip. Great simple kits to do too.

Three will be standard trucks for my middle eastern nations
And this one will get a S and S command body