Sunday, May 30, 2021

Israeli painting guide -1967-73 IDF infantry part 2

 IDF infantry part 2

The new IDF battalion was completed this week so I will add my colours. My paratroopers and some support weapons, vehicles etc will completed in the next month or two, but I am no rush to get the on the table until next years anniversary.

IDF battalion

My regimental colonel in a typical 80s pilots leather coat, with two female drivers! I need to add the 2 man radio section, jeeps and command half track at a later date

Two Browning M1919 MMG 

A basic squad, a mag 58, bazooka and mortar

Battalion HQ, missing  a radio man

my paint colours are 

Helmet with cover Vallejo khaki 988
Uniform Vallejo grey green 886
Webbing Vallejo Khaki 988
Boots and rubber Vallejo german grey
weapon stocks Vallejo mahogany brown
Barrels black Vallejo Black 
Rank stripes Vallejo shadow grey
ammunition Vallejo brass

hope that is helpful


Israeli painting guide 1967-1973 Israeli Infantry part 1

 Israeli Painting Guide

A little side project this year is to complete another battalion of Infantry, plus vehicle crew and a unit of Frogmen.  I also want to build more support elements for my collection, artillery, mortars, anti-tank, recon elements and some armoured infantry vehicles. I thought I would post up my uniform recipe for my 20mm figures while i was at it. 

I mostly game the Yom Kippur war but can backdate a few pieces if I wanted to play six day war games.

In 1973 IDF had 8 Infantry Brigades and 3 paratroop brigades (includes reserve brigades). The IDF  armoured corps had 15 half tracked infantry battalions, so this guide focus is for that period.

IDF Infantry painting guide


The model 1951 French Helmet was the issue helmet during the war, often covered in mesh or hessian and with the black rubber band. The Hsat harness was from British design and the same as the parachute helmet the Hsat mk II helmet, which was used in some paratroop units.

Original IDF model 1951 French Helmet with HSAT straps in my collection

Hsat MkII british paratrooper helmet



The IDF purchased a number of of French lizard uniforms in the late 60s and a number were still in use in 1973, particularly the paratroopers and the Golani brigade.

French lizard camouflage paratrooper fit out

The Lizard camouflage is reasonably simple a beige sand primary colour, the stripes are horizontal, with the brown under the dark green. A simple number of stripes

Base colour 
german camouflage beige
Brown  984 flat brown
Green Luftwaffe Camo green
i wash with a waterdered down black vallejo wash
Highlight same colours


IDF regulars wore a green uniform of local manufacture, like all green uniforms it begins green but fades with use to a olive green colour and also takes on the dust colour well

Original IDF green 1973

Original motorised jacket with fake fur collar


IDF webbing note the UZI magazine on the bottom set of pouches. The green bottle was not issued until the eighties previous was a aluminium french model with a black lid


Black general purpose boots, the pre 1980 boot was ten lace holes

Red Paratrooper and Special forces boots, note these are the later post 80 model with the blue liner and dog tag pocket in the top of the boot.



9mm Uzi 



Rifle Grenade

FN D rifle grenade

Infantry Support Weapons

FN Mag 58 machine gun

M 1919A6 machine gun (7.62)

MG42 rechambered 7.62


52mm mortar carried in each company

81mm Mortar

soviet 120mm mortar

French Brandt Mortar


The Bazooka was the Belgian made M20

hope you found the article helpful


Friday, May 21, 2021

M60a3 markings Cold War Europe


 American M60a3 Cold War markings 

Cruising eBay which is always dangerous I picked up 6 Altaya M60a3 tanks at €3 a piece from Spain. This now gives me two M60a3 battalions to take on my Warpac for Cold War games.
 Even though they are marked up already for a infantry division it got me thinking about tactical markings for the M60a3 had things gone hot in the mid eighties in Europe. So the search has began!  

I will give them a gloss coat, then add some panel line wash and some weathering powders plus a base.


Saturday, May 1, 2021

Bundesgrenzschutz part 4

Bundesgrenzschutz Kampfgruppe

Completed my first part of my kampfgruppe of Bundesgrenzschutz, the uniform of the Elheim figures works from 1967 to 1990. The Female figures are only suitable after 87. 

I have painted some in checkpoint colours and some in port and airport khaki trousers, so they will be suitable for Warpac SF raids . I still have two companies in camouflage to complete, plus support mortar, dog section, and bomb disposal. For vehicles I have one car, one VW van, an ambulance, and helicopter to complete the kampfgruppe. I also want to scratch build a armoured car. 

Bundesgrenzschutz part three Painting guide

 Painting guide Bundesgrenzschutz 1976-1990

Below is my Uniform colour suggestions for 20mm bundesgrenzschutz from 1976-1990.

M53 Helmet dark Green Vallejo German Camo dark Green 70979
Beret dark green Vallejo reflective green  70890
Service cap green, black visor and leatherwork Vallejo reflective green 70890
Dress Tunic green Vallejo reflective green 70890
tie green Vallejo 70967
reed green trousers Vallejo reflective green 70890
Khaki trousers (border crossing, customs and port and airport troops) Vallejo Khaki 70988
General service trousers green Vallejo Olive Green 70967
ochre yellow dress shirts Vallejo Green Ochre 70914
boots black grey Vallejo black grey 70 862
skirts (female) green Vallejo Reflective green 70890
leather belts, straps equipment black  Vallejo Black Grey 70862
Webbing black green  vallejo military green Vallejo 70975
bread bag green Vallejo Olive Green 70967
Water Bottle green Vallejo Olive Green 70967 or old style brown Vallejo Beige brown 70875 black cup 
mess tin black old Vallejo Black Grey 70862 or green new model reflective green 70890
shovel handle dark timber Vallejo flat Brown 70984, shovel black Vallejo Black Grey 70862
Great coat green Vallejo reflective green 70890
Waffenfarbe white vallejo 70951

Camouflage uniform 

By the mid eighties the camouflage uniform was phased out and completely gone by the time of the introduction of the new uniform and female officers in 1987. 

My colours suggested are sumpfmuster camouflage uniforms
Basic Grey beige shade: RAL 1019 Vallejo German camo beige 821

Reddish spots: RAL 8012 red brown Vallejo 8012 red brown or Mahogany Brown 70846

Dark gray spots: RAL 7006 beige gray Vallejo beige brown 70875

Equipment Russian green 

Helmet German green Vallejo 995