Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Wrap up 2021

 Wrap up 2021

2021 is done and dusted, and with the pandemic continuing a very strange year. and tough for our inbound tourist model at French Wargame Holidays.

We completed the year fulfilling 12% of our normal budget with Wargame Holidays and regular B & B, thankfully the Macron Government helped keep us afloat again............we are still here, and looking forward and currently planning for a prosperous 2022 fingers crossed. 

A big thank you to our customers that did manage to attend and play a wargame this year. A big thank you for  your continued support here on my blog, on Facebook, Instagram and the various Forums I haunt. A major change as we have started to attract european guests, French, German and Dutch who managed to travel during Summer.

We are taking Bookings for holidays from now, commencing in late March please contact us via the website to discuss your needs for a tailor made holiday for you and your partner or with your friends here at French Wargame Holidays and L'hotel de Hercé for a relaxing stay in the Loire.



Summing up my Wargame painting and terrain progress this year on my goals I achieved about 75% with a few minimal diversions. I may of completed more looking back, but motivation was up and down depending upon the external stresses of this strange year. On the positive side a lot of my stash completed with very few purchases of new lead or plastic. Medievals were again my main focus as I added to my collections to fill them out to match our "Walk the Battlefield in the morning, Wargame in the afternoon" tour and wargames.

2021 Goals achieved

Salon de Guerre redecoration
100% complete, curtains completed and artwork, swords and lances hung, a new Louis XIV cabinet for display for large models and three new chairs.

28mm miniatures painting 
Completed 28mm Infantry 216
Completed 28mm Cavalry 144
Completed Artillery 1
Baggage Animals 9

WW2 and Modern 20mm  

20mm Infantry 99
72 x 20mm vehicles
6 Aircraft
artillery x 9

WW1 Miniatures
4 WW1 1/72 aircraft

Other Science Fiction
1 Imperial Space ship 
12 Space marines ......for my Sons birthday present

Miniatures rebased and touched up

Large scale Figures
1 x 54mm figure

Total Terrain System For Now (TTSFN) Goals achieved
Château board (1500x1200), includes Gaulois fort, dark ages Motte and bailey, and 100 YW castle under construction ATM 40% complete
Standard boards x 6
Roman Fort 
Ploughed fields 
Maize /corn Crop fields 
Harvested crop fields 
20mm buildings x 8 
Dark Age Buildings x 6 
Medieval buildings x 10
20mm ww2 buildings x 6
Bocage mark V 12m
Stone walls 3m
27 pine trees
6 garden trees
8 dead trees
27 palm trees
8 28mm trees

Board game played
19 games, mostly online.

Wargames played
Ancient games x 7
Medieval games x 8
Renaissance Wargames 0
Napoleonic games x 4
Ww1 games x 4
WW2 games x 16
Modern games x 5
Naval games x 4
Fantasy 0
Science fiction x 2

Completing bits from my project drawers was the focus on terrain has helped me a lot this year, as now I have space to plan 2022 which is well underway. I will continue to try to post every week or two as it helps me keep track of what has been completed. 

I will be on holidays in Australia from January to mid March, but I have taken some toys with me to complete!

Let us all hope this pandemic can be over finally so we can socialise and share all of our new painted goodies, and watch our recently painted units flee off the table once again!

"walk the battlefield in the morning, wargame in the afternoon"™ 

From Caesar to World War Two