Friday, November 25, 2016

Dutch Army Duif Leger wagon

Dutch Pigeon Communications wagon

Next on my Dutch army build is Dove trailer (Duif Leger wagon), the Dutch still had a strong reliance on pigeons for messages, especially the reserve divisions. In my research I came across a lot of different documents, I have cherry picked a few of them and added them below.
My WIP is well underway with the wagon built from a german wagon bottom and Russian workshop on top.

Locations of Pigeon carriers

Eenheid               Bericht- houder   Mand aanvals, Mand loopgraaf, Mand ransel, Mand rijwiel
Reg infanterie            10                    1                     1                                                     2
Grensbat Inf.              25                    4                     2                                                    1
Reg. Wielrijders         20                    6                                                                            2
Reg. Huzaren            20                    2                      1
Reg Huz Moterr         15                                                                          2                      1
KMA                           5                     1                       1                            1                      1
SROI                          5                     1                       1                                                    1
Kaderbat Laren         10                    4                       2                             1                     2
2R. G.. Tr.*                                                                                             1
* 1x Gaskast
Tabel 1: Materieel voor postduiven ingedeeld bij een aantal opleidingseenheden 

I am not sure how I will add this to the table, so it will join my Dutch Brigade headqauters  unit.