Saturday, January 28, 2017

Fokker G1

Fokker G1 Reaper 1/72

Part 1

After searching for about 6 months I have found a model of the Fokker G1, unfortunately it is a Vacform kit. I have not built one for about 6 years and they can be a challenge to get looking right, but I am confident I can do it!

The Fokker was nominated one of the top ten fighters of ww2, and possibly was in 1940. My Dutch look forward to the skies being protected with this beauty. MPM also make a kit but yet to find one.

I will be adding resin cowlings and props will be wargame style clear, the wheels will be built up so it can fly over the wargames table.
Fokker G1 Reaper

Rare Plane Fokker G1 Reaper

Desert buildings

We have returned from a very pleasant and relaxing  5 week holiday in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Switzerland. When I got home I had a number of Christmas gifts waiting and books, amounts to these gifts was some 15mm/20mm hovels desert dwellings which are very nice but a little small to go with my existing middle eastern buildings. I still painted them as it was a easy thing to do when I sat down at my desk.