Friday, August 10, 2012

Wartime Miniatures new Viet Cong

Off the painting desk last week some of Wartime miniatures Viet-Cong, I like these a lot, the sculptor has done a fine job on these the weapons are particularly nice. These eight new miniatures that will be mixed in the PAVN packs, and available now at Wartime in Australia and Elhiem Miniatures in the UK.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wartime PAVN

Painted some more wartime minis including the PAVN packs that have a mix of NVA and VC in them


Monday, June 4, 2012

Ross Skimmer Memorial Game

Last year we lost a member of our Club, Ross was almost exclusivly a ww2 gamer, he primarily collected Wehrmacht and loved to beat up yanks, so we decided to conduct two memorial games for him. In German warrior tradition I did not cut my facial hair and Chris did not have a haircut for 100 days.

Ross loved a well terrained table and Chris and I done our best for his memorial games. We conducted two games both vs Yanks, with a win for the Yanks on my table and one for the Germans on Chris's table.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Glaubst du nicht!

These vehicles were finished for the Guild "Flak Build", I have marked the wirbelwind for the 9th SS Div, a old  Esci 1/72nd kit with AB crew.

And for my 15th Panzer Grenadier regt in Italy, a Hasegawa SDKfz. 7/2 with 37mm flak 36 with a mix of AB and SHQ crew.


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bundeswehr Infantry Kampfgruppe

The other part of my Task 1 for the Guild wargamers year long group build, I bought these second hand thinking they would be suitable  for my cold war project, the figs are more suited to late 90s and early 2000s, so I painted them in desert flecktarn, I am still not happy with the result though.


Bundeswehr Marders

Bundeswehr Marder 1

I needed to have these finished for task 1 of the "Guildwargamers" year long build, I painted them in the standard three colour camo, I also converted the M113 to a mortar carrier, until I can find a actual kit!


Monday, January 30, 2012

A Fatwa on you and your mother! FOF batrep

At Cancon myself and Matt C (Wartime Minis) decided to hold a FOF participation game using Wartime minis and some terrain I made especially for the game and for Matt's collection.

We only conducted games on the Sunday and we had eighteen people play and a number also watching. The pics are from the first and last games of the day!

I wanted a basic and fast scenario for the participation game.

 Basically the Afghan Mufti Mujaheddin leader had  to save his wife from three fire teams of Russian conscripts, 1 heavy weapon fire team and two rifle fire teams with grenade launchers. The  Mujaheddin  had 6 fire teams Morale D10 while ever their leader was alive but only fired on D6, I also made them elusive while in cover, the mufti had to collect his wife in person. Of the 8 games played he was captured in three of the games, killed once, badly wounded three times and only once was the feat achieved to get his wife out :twisted: the Russian conscripts were regulars on D8s all round, they put up a good fight and only really failed once, when all three fire teams failed a morale rolls in the same turn and bugged out!

I also had a flock of sheep who moved randomly  to interrupt fire if they were caught in any crossfire!


Vallejo Paint colours Auscam and Descam my solution

Having been asked about my colour solution for 20mm Australian Camouflage more times than I can remember at CANCON when I ran the Force on Force demo game, so I have decided to post up my solution, I will try to also do a step by step too.


undercoat black
Vallejo Colurs unless noted
uniform base Iraqi sand 819
Dark green rabbits ears Black green 70980
mid Green rabbits ears olive green 967
light brown rabbits ears german cam medium brown 70826
dark brown rabbits ears Mahogany brown 70846
then apply vallejo black wash mixed 40/60 water


undercoat black

Vallejo Colours unless noted
uniform base Buff 976
grey rabbits ears Space wolves grey (Games workshop)
light brown rabbits ears german cam medium beige 821
mid brown rabbits ears horse tone bay 224 (coat d'arms)
Then apply vallejo black wash 40/60 water

weapons, metal work, radio antenna's and radio hand sets German black grey 70995, webbing clips, Radio bodies, ammo box's, Steyr's stock and magazine, carry handle and scope, goggle covers, Luftwaffe cam green 70823
Boots and early chest harness English Uniform 921
Boots and some SF chest harness and radio harness and head sets, knee pads and straps sets US field drab 873
Boots 70995 black grey
Nonnex gloves grey, black or green.

Note: Vallejo black wash 60% diluted with distilled water or satin varnish with a single drop of glaze medium (I find this helps to improve flow so the wash only lays in the creases), then allow to dry for a day or more, then you can also re highlight the colour's (I don't bother on auscam) then matt varnish and then complete the base.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

20mm ww2 Finnish Armour!

The armour that is attached to the infantry regiments, and two armoured company's.

 a mix of matchbox, resin and Revell