Saturday, September 23, 2023

Reichsarbeitsdienst “Albert Speer” panzer grenadier Abtielung 1945

 Albert Speer RAD Panzer Grenadier Abteilung 1945

I have commenced my kampfgruppe 1001 nights, part of the unit was Albert Speer’s RAD body guard Abteilung, which was made up of Reichsarbeitsdienst troops from Berlin, many of whom come from anti aircraft batteries around Berlin. One RAD motorcycle company plus the Armoured cars joined the Kampfgruppe 1001 nights to fight in the Seelow Heights. The remainder stayed in Berlin to man 88 gun batteries and to act as infantry in he Spree sector. 

The miniatures are from Simons Soldiers fall of Berlin range, which are very versatile miniatures for the last days of the Reich wargaming 

HQ company

RAD commander

RAD panzerschrek

Rifle coy

RAD rifle company

RAD Rifle coy

MG Support Coy


RAD MG team

Rapid Fire Organisation 

Panzer-Aufklarungs-Abteilung Speer 
  • HQ, Co + 3 car, medic, panzerschrek 
  • 2 x Motorcycle company (RAD uniform) 7 figs, two Fausts
  • Armoured car company 
    • 2 x Sd.Kfz 231 A/C, 1 x Sd.Kfz 263
  • Support Company 
    • Pak 38 Anti Tank mot tow, 4 crew
    • Sdkfz 7 quad 20mm flak 38, RAD 4 crew
    • Two kettenkrads plus trailers 2 x MMG 5 figs
It seems that this unit may of increased in size with infantry reinforcements and armoured cars or have been just renamed on the 3rd of April as the “Spree Panzer Grenadier Regiment” (this also may be a mistaken renaming as they were assigned the Wehrmacht Feldpost 43449 and posted to the Spree sector in Berlin).

I hope you found this interesting as I have researching it, any notes, organisational mistakes I have made please let me know!

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

WIP Wednesday American Airborne

 I Finally have decided to attack my new  Normandy Airborne Americans (I know you do not need both Normandy and Arnhem …. But Different uniforms ….. Oh well the life of a button counter lol). 

I purchased four new battalions of Airborne for Rapid Fire plus support elements from Alder and Simons Soldiers miniatures earlier in the year in Oz and at Partizan along with jeeps from RTR and guns from SHQ and Early War Miniatures. 

I undercoated two battalions on the weekend and have already got the base colours on the guns and jeeps. 

I plan to get them completed next few weeks, then onto the glider troops, more vehicles, Waco gliders, plus some C47 aircraft planned with actual aircraft for the 101st! Then I will commence the 82nd Airborne, and do the same.  



Sunday, September 10, 2023

Gestapo or secret service types

 I was looking for some pieces from my drawer of 20mm bits (I was looking for some MMGs  and 81mm mortars) and found these lurkers in one of the box’s and decided to get some paint on them whilst I am on holidays. 

I think they are Battlefield miniatures a simple job of grey, black and brown, a wash and then highlight. I elected to do simple dirt basing which can double for streetscape or countryside. They can work for armed civilians, secret service types or gestapo. Happy with the results 



Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Kit Review -SU 15 TM


I have been looking though my kits to complete some Soviet and Swedish kit for the big weekend Wargame Holiday game next May. I have a lot of aircraft kits to build and paint for both sides so I have decided to commence the assembly of my PM Models SU-15 TM which I purchased at Newark museum airfield shop in April. 

The kit looks quite simple as to be expected on a short run. A little bit of rough casting around the engine intake and marbling aroubd the nose  but with sanding it should clean up. I was disappointed that there was no pilot also and soft interior detail, I will add a 3d printed interior and pilot I suspect. 

I plan to get it painted this week in silver with a green nose and tail tip, while I am having a little summer break before our next Wargame holiday guests. 



Thursday, August 31, 2023

New Books - Normandy 44

Recent purchases from the Naval and Military Press Sale, these will help me get up the dander to finish my American GIs who have been hanging around for 5 months on my too do list. I have a week off from Wargame holidays guests and have a bunch of reading and painting to get through! 



Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Terrain Tuesday - Haystacks


 Hay Stacks 

I have been meaning to paint these for some time, the first 4 are complete and I have 16 more to complete the lot. Quite happy with the result and they match my fields (door mat) much more to come 


Wip Wednesday buildings


Work in Progress Buildings 

 Back to upgrading some buildings this week as I want to start basing and adding walls and outbuildings, gardens etc to my layout. I have about thirty to refurbish for my Mayenne/city table, some will not take much, other need a lot of work. I have been breaking up bricks, cork and tinting kitty litter with washes to make bags of rubble. 

First up a old warrior, possibly 20 years old, I have a number of these I think from Queens Hussar (could be wrong) I will bring the brick up to the normal bright red orange of our region, then add a few bits of interior pieces, damage, rubble, signage then add the yard and out buildings on a base to fit my town tiles. 



Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Terrain Tuesday industrial building


 Courier despatch building 

Completed the first of my model train HO scale modern buildings, I am quite happy with the result, I would like to add signage from 1980s West Germany, I was thinking Hermes perhaps. Also thinking about a magnetic one so I switch it out for several locations . 

I commenced by painting the brick with red and and the concrete in grey. I then used a sponge to put splotch's with lighter colours. Then a ink wash to bring it together. I then use Tamiya weathering paste and made a heavy wash to push into the brick work, then wiped off with a QTip working in sections, the guttering, down pipes and windows then were done. Finally a green wash to show moss then some flowers and shrubs. I made the roofs removable for figure placement. 

I am considering also building a security fenced yard and carpark, plus add box’s pallets etc and a garbage bin. 

Onto the next lot, iconic WW2 DDay buildings next. 


Saturday, August 12, 2023

Whiskey on the Rocks - Invasion of Gotland 1981, outline

French Wargame Holidays Wargames 

Campaign Weekend May 2024

Summer 1981 - “Admiral Ivan Kapitanets was relieved the briefing was over, finally the commands to launch the offensive against the West.  The political animal Major General Vladimir Platov’s 11th Guards army is to take the Swedish mainland. The Naval Infantry to the island of Gotland; the key to the eastern Baltic. Then there establish the installation of  Surface to Air missile batteries, controlling  the skies over the baltic and Northern Europe.” The Russians are coming….

I have been thinking about the Cold War and new Wargame to open the 2024 Wargame Holidays.  A Long weekend of Cold War Wargaming. The weekend gaming scenario - “What if the invasion of Gotland circa October 1981?  For those with long memories a Soviet Nuclear Whiskey class Submarine S363 grounded itself  off the coast of Sweden in October 1981.  The Swedes decide they want to to keep the grounded submarine and stop it from departing until investigations were completed. 

The game plays out the scenario’s :  The Russians commence operations to recover the submarine and invade Gotland and Mainland Sweden. The game will concentrate on the Russian invasion of Gotland, with airborne and amphibious landings.  The goal to take out the Swedish early warning radar, air assets, and the Naval gun 152mm emplacements defending the ports and channel. Capture the port, airfield and barracks of Visby, Närs coast guard base, the island of Faro with its anti shipping missile batteries and take out the Bunge airfield, all before the Swedish Marine and army reserve can arrive to tip the balance. 

I have researched available 1981 orders of Battle to create the game. To expand the scenario to a weekend game, some elements will take place on the board game ‘Next War, Deadly Northern Lights’. This will track off table Air assets, naval combat and reserves before the game commences etc. The table top will fight the ground actions with or without air support as per earlier map movement.

Gaming across 3 - 4 tables, broken into three phases, the opening moves are VDV spetsnaz assaults on radar installations, electrical supply, communications and the air bases. Followed by missile bombardment of the air bases, the VDV parachute - air landing assault, and Marine Sea landings. Each will carry over casualties and losses so the order of battle will be fluid. Each phase has the possibility to include a reinforcement phase for each side.  

Sign up to my blog to stay tuned for my next article covering 
 # The breakdown of the Orders of Battle
 # The tables layout using Force on Force 
 # The order of Battle for the small element games
 # Rapid Fire Able Archer for the larger games. 

To enquire about booking contact me 
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Mobile - +33 06 45 40 30 50 & What’s App

Matt Williamson 

Thursday, August 10, 2023

708th Infantry Division in Pays de Loire August 1944

708th Division History

The 708th Infantry Division was created in February 1941 in the region of Metz and Strasbourg. Transferred to south west France as a static division in June manning on the coastal defences in the Gironde region. The 728 battalion was in the Gironde estuary at Royan, the 748th at Lesparre in Médoc. The 360th is stationed at Soulac, Lesparre (Saint-Vivian)and at the Caserne Nansouty in Bordeaux. Both artillery battalions are in positions along the Gironde river (1). For the muster to depart for Pays de Loire the 13th of July the Division numbered 8123 men.(2)

The 708th division was split up on the 2nd of July with part of the division to remain defending the positions along the coast and the remainder to be sent North to Pay’s de Loire to defend a new blocking line. The 360th regiment remained in the Festung Gironde Nord position along with the two fortress gun regiments 1280 (Blonville-sue-mer) and 1282 (Royan), KVGR (Gironde Harbour defence) the 708 field replacement battalion and RAD elements under the command of Generalmajor Arndt. 

A new structure was formed on the 13th of July (3) and the 708th field Division was appointed its former commander generalleutnant Herman Wilck. At this time the division also received nine self propelled Marder 1 sdkfz 135 Panzerjager and twelve 88mm Anti tank guns from 2/AOK1 reserves. The division commenced movement on the 2nd of August by train and vehicles via Angers, then North to join the blocking line and deployed in a triangle defensive position, from Domfront (Normandy ) along the Mayenne river through Ambrieres, Ville Mayenne to Laval to the south and then. following the national highway to Le Mans (German 7th Army HQ), then back via Sillé-le-Guillaume back to Mayenne.  

Most of the division was in place by the 5th, however the American 90th Infantry Division had already captured the important remaining river bridge across the Mayenne river at Ville Mayenne on the afternoon of the 5th of August and then formed a bridgehead driving deep towards Le Mans. 

The 708th divisions 1st and 3rd battalions of 728th Regiment joined the counterattack on the Mayenne river breach flanks from the direction East from Aaron and Pre-en-Pail from the N12 north of Mayenne. The Kampfgruppe Coretti assaulted the north east of the city and was commanded by Oberst Julius Coretti (commander Mayenne). Counter attacks persisted over the 6th and 7th of August. The Kampfgruppe consisted of the reconnaissance battalion Panzer Lehr, III Kp (6 x sturmgeshütz  III) of Sturmgeschützbrigade 341, 1st Sicherungs Regiment, flak battalion 496 (most of the battery were lost in the fighting in Mayenne), a Radfahr battalion (30?), Luftwaffe Landschutzen Lisieux (elements from the radar station at Oisseau), plus another Kampfgruppe Reich from 9th Panzer Division on the 7th and 8th of August. Over the next three days fierce night and street fighting between Aaron and Mayenne erupted which almost destroyed Kampfgruppe Coretti with the remainder retreating towards Sille Le Guilliame, Pre-en-Pail and Evron on the 9th August.

Thirty Kilometers south Between the 5th and 6th of August heavy fighting occurred around Laval, a second breach and crossing of the river occurred south at Laval by 5th US Armoured, 105th Cavalry and 79th Infantry Division. Kampfgruppe Oberst Kutzen defending Laval and the Laval lufwaffe airfield (elements 91st Infantry Division, 17th SS Panzerjager Abteilung, 708 Fusilier battalion, 842 Flak battalion and Sicherungs Regiment 195) many were caught in a pincer movement and surrounded (1667 prisoners) with escaping units retreating towards Le Mans on the route National.

The division reorganised and prepared a new blocking line as elements of the 9th Panzer arrived to help defend Le Mans, again being savaged at Evron and Saint Suzanne (where majority of the artillery regiment was destroyed or captured) retreating through Sillé-le-Guillaume north towards Alençon, hasty kampfgruppes were thrown together to prevent the the breakthrough, however against overwhelming odds the front had collapsed by the 9th. On the 10th generalleutnant Herman Wilck was wounded when his car was destroyed by artillery fire and command fell to Oberst Bruno Gerlock and by the 18th much of the division was surrounded and surrendered (Gerlock was captured on the 19th)(5) . The remainder of the Divisions men either escaped into the Falaise pocket and moved west via Chartres with the retreating German VIIth army.

708th Infantry Division Commanders 

The division's former commander, Generalmajor Arndt with his aides Hauptmann Wilhelm Schöps and Oberleutnant Arthur Jordan were captured on the 24th of August and executed by Free French Forces south of Troyes on 27th August at Chateau de Grogny, there bodies have never been found.

Commanded by lt General Herman Wilck a WW1 veteran, he commanded the highly decorated Kaiser Franz Garde Grenadier 2nd Battalion where he was awarded the Iron Cross first, second class and the Pour le Merite. He was wounded in his vehicle by artillery on the 10th of August and replaced by Oberst Bruno Gerloch.

Organisation 708th Infantry Division

Organisation 13th April 1944

728th Grenadier Regiment

I 728 battalion

I Kp cycles 12 MMG, 2x 120mm mortar
II kp 12 MMG
III kp 12 MMG, 2 x 81mm mortars, 1 x 120mm mortar
IV kp 12 MMG, 4 x 81mm mortars

II 728 battalion
V Kp

XIV kp
I ZUG 3 x 75mm
II ZUG 3 x 50mm
II Zug 18 x panzerschrek

748 grenadier battalion Oberst Lebrecht-Georg von Viebahn von der Borne

I battalion Oberst Heyer (664 men 17th July)Consisted of 50% Polish volunteers and Silesian’s.


I Kp cycles 12 MMG, 2 x 81mm mortar, 1x 120mm mortar
II kp 12 MMG 2 x81mm mortar, 1 x 120mm mortar
III kp 12 MMG, 2 x 81mm mortars, 1 x 120mm mortar
IV kp 12 MMG, 4 x 81mm mortars, 3 x 120mm mortars

III battalion Major Leister

IX Kp cycles 12 MMG, 2x 120mm mortar
X kp 12 MMG
XI kp 12 MMG, 2 x 81mm mortars, 1 x 120mm mortar
XII kp 12 MMG, 4 x 81mm mortars

XIV Komp Hauptmann Karl
1 ZUG 3 x 75mm antitank
2 ZUG 18 panzerschreck
3 ZUG 2 x 47mm anti tank

1708 artillery regiment (658 men)

I battalion
I battery 4 x French Schneider 105mm horse
II battery 4 x French Schneider 105mm horse
III battery 4 x French Schneider 105mm motorised
IV battery 4 x French Schneider 105mm horse

II battalion
V battery 4 x 7.62cm IKH 290(r) in II./1708 Art 76 mm M1927 regimental guns were placed into service as the 7.62 cm Infanteriekanonehaubitze 290(r) (infantry gun-howitzer), horse drawn
VI battery as above
VII battery as above
VIII battery 4 x 122mm Russian
IX Battery 4 x 122mm Russian

708 Anti Aircraft

I battery
4 x 20mm AA horse towed

II battery
5 x 20mm AA horse towed

708 (II Abteilung 748 ) Fusilier Abteilung Hauptmann Knerrlich Defended Laval with Kaupfgruppe Oberst Kutzen

667 men 13th July mounted on cycles and acted as the recon element of the Kampgruppe, formally the second Abteilung of 748th Regiment.


I Kp cycles 12 MMG, 2 x 81mm, 2x 120mm mortar
II kp cycles 12 MMG, 2 x 81mm, 1 x 120mm mortar
III kp cycles 12 MMG, 2 x 81mm mortars, 1 x 120mm mortar
IV kp cycles 12 MMG, 4 x 81mm mortars, 3 x 120mm mortars

708 Panzerjager Abteilung

Attached is the war structure of the Pz.Jg.Abt.708 from July 2, 1944, from reserves.
On the 13th July 140 men 1.Pz.Kp 9 x Marder I sdkfz 135

2.Pz.Kp. (mot. Z) with 5 x 8.8 cm anti-aircraft guns (assigned from AOK1)

3.Pz.Kp. with 12 x 2cm anti-aircraft guns on self-propelled gun

708 pioneer battalion Hauptmann Ahfeld 1 komp Mayenne

II komp (deployed) Foret grand Charlie
III Komp (deployed) St Ouen en champagne

708 Sanitäts company

I plan to build command elements, two infantry regiments, artillery and the Panzer jager companies for Rapid Fire


Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Wip Wednesday

  Working on some bridges I purchased at Partizan and a building I picked up at a local Model Railway swap meet for modern gaming. 

A A shipping business, I will strip off the flower beds, base coat the brickwork and roof and add details 

Bridge will be painting to suit our area and western Normandy 



Friday, August 4, 2023

VW 181 Kurierwagen Germania Figuren

 As I start to complete my Bundesgrenzschutz units I thought I would find a 1/72nd scale VW181 to complete my command platoon. 

The Germania Figuren vehicle is made from resin and upon inspection is a very nicely cast model. Hardly and flash and no bubbles. It comes with two options roof on or folded back, plus driver (which is a bonus) with four head variants. It was a little pricey at €16.50 plus shipping but I added some more pieces to my Swedes which reduced price per unit shipping. I will post the Swedes in the coming weeks after I complete my American ww2 airborne build. 

I hope to get it together this weekend and get some paint on it this coming week as we have rest before the next Wargame Holiday tours and Wargaming. 



Thursday, July 20, 2023

Belgian Gloster Gladiator WIP

 A recent pickup from a French bring and buy was a Gloster Gladiator which I will use for my Belgians I think. The old airfix kit will need not a lot of work to bring it up to spec. 

These are the markings I will use I think 



Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Ww2 British Transport numberplates

 Whilst doing research for my British for the 21st Army Group, I came across a fabulous breakdown of British number plates. I will link it below but here is a summary 

Motorcycles prefixed Letter C  

Cars, jeeps, light utility, heavy cars and staff cars letter M 

Ambulances letter A

Trucks letter Z

Amphibian letter P

Artillery Tractor letter H 

Trailer letter X 

Thread here on the ww2Talk forum 



Monday, July 17, 2023

Praga 53/59 AA gun

 NB models Praga 53/59 

NB models have produced a great kit for the Praga 53/59 SP AA gun. The kit is a late type with the larger tool box and bucket seated AA chassis. 

This vehicle was used by the Czechoslovakia,  Egyptians Iranian, Iraqis, Syrians, Libyans, Croatians, Bosnians, Cubans, Slovenia, Congo and Zaire governments. Plus seen use in the breakup war of Yugoslavia, Chechnya and currently used in Ukraine by Wagner group.

NB models predominantly produce Czech equipment for modelers, but perfect for one off kits,I am picking up two, one as a generic AA piece for my Arab armies the second for a generic kit for Africa and warlord games. 

Join the army and see the world! 


Sunday, July 16, 2023

Swedish Stridsvagn centurion

The centurion in Swedish service

The Swedish Army purchased centurion Mk 3’s & Mk 10’s from the British Defence manufactured by Leyland. They were subsequently modified for the Swedish Army under designation Stridsvagn, and were renumbered upon each upgrade so can be confusing. 

Stridsvagn 81 

 1953-54 Mk 3 Centurions were purchased and 80 delivered with the 90mm/20 pounder 640HP engine modified with Swedish radios and lights.
1956 a further 150(160) were purchased armed with the improved 90mm/20 pounder mark B, again Swedish radios installed. 2 x KSP 7.62 M39 Lmg, two Lyran smoke discharges and barrel fume extractor was also installed.

Stridsvagn 101 

1960-62 purchased mark 10 centurions purchased 75 delivered 1960 and 240 delivered 1961. The Mk 10 Centurions armed with the L7/105mm gun and larger 650HP engine and up-armoured. The Swedes then equipped with Swedish communications equipment, 2 KSP x 7.62 M39 Lmg and 2 Lyran smoke discharges.

Stridsvagn 101R 

Stridsvagn 101 upgraded between 1983-87 with night vision, target system, laser range finder and gun stabiliser equipment. Changed track skirt and ERA blocks added.

Stridsvagn 102 

Stridsvagn 81-Centurion Mk 3 upgraded in between 1964-65 with L7/105 mm main gun along with lights, track and engine upgrade so parts were fully interchangeable between stridsvagn marks. 

Stridsvagn 102R 

Stridsvagn 102 upgraded between 1983-87 with night vision, target system, laser range finder and gun stabiliser equipment. 

Stridsvagn 104 

 80 Stridsvagn 102 upgraded between 1983-87 with night vision, target system, laser range finder and gun stabiliser equipment, barrel thermal sleeves and thermal lined exhaust system, improved continental engine and Allison automatic gearbox. Changed engine deck. Received the mark 10 armour upgrade to 200mm and additional ERA blocks and new spaced track skirt armour. Upgraded bank of six smoke discharges and two mortars. 

Stridsvagn 105 Stridsvagn 102R Prototype only
Stridsvagn 105 Stridsvagn 101R Prototype only

Bärgningsbandvagn 81 

Centurion ARV 13 mark 3 and mark 10 were purchased 

Final mark

The final Centurion model used was the Stridsvagn 104. They looked at changes and modifications around the world to the centurion, Häggluns and Sonner AB were chosen to perform the upgrades locally. The new upgraded 104 almost looked like the Israeli Sho’t,  was fitted with a new upgraded reactive armour, new continental diesel engine and transmission together with an Allison automatic gear-box. It was still armed with a L7/105 mm main gun with upgraded targeting system computer, gun stabilisation, barrel thermal sleeves and thermal exhaust covers. The 2 x 7.62 mm machine guns remained the same, an additional two illumination HE round mortar dischargers fitted to the top of the turret. The vehicle remained the same a standard crew of four – commander, gunner and loader in the turret, plus the driver in the hull. It has an increased top road speed of 50 kph with an on-road & off-road range of 300km & 120 km, with a combat weight of 54 tonnes. This model last seen service in the reserves in 2000. 

I plan to add three companies of a mix of the 101R and 102R to my collection. 


Saturday, July 15, 2023

Bundesgrenzschutz Part 5

 Bundesgrenzschutz Kampfgruppe

Completed my second part of my kampfgruppe of Bundesgrenzschutz, these are from the Plastic Esci NATO troops and Airfix ground crew make up this second group

I have painted these in a mix of splintertarn and green with ochre shirts, so they will be suitable for Warpac SF raids on installations and airports. I still have two pieces to complete the battalion, a 81mm support mortar, and a checkpoint set. For vehicles I have one police car, one VW van, an ambulance, and helicopter to complete the kampfgruppe. I also want to scratch build a armoured car at some stage. 

The fighting patrol

The dog patrol 

Happy with the mustache on this chap   


Saturday, June 17, 2023

Terrain bits arrived

 As I charge on with my Ville Mayenne build I have purchased some walls and fences for the gardens and the wall for the river and port. Work will progress this week as I work on the structure of the river first, then the bridges. 



Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Mayenne 1944 build

 A bit more in progress work on my 20mm building for my ww2 Mayenne city table, doctor Morriset house, which was the lodging of the commandants  of the Oisseau Wurzburg/ Freya radar station 

The building is a post office from the Vollmer HO scale range,I have two of these one is the post office for my Nijmegen table. I managed to get the roof off and plan to build a floor in the top. The base colours are on, the washes and the weathering will commence once I complete the interior and base it. I ordered the garden fences today for the front and have printed the rear garden stone fences.

I also managed to pick up some Masonite today to commence the street layout of the six tiles for the city. 


Friday, May 26, 2023

Saab Viggen WIP 2

 Whilst I was in Newark I visited the air museum to get a few photos for reference, another great example was a Saab Viggen which is one of my Cold War jet builds this year. This is the only example of this jet in the UK and I was really interested in getting a good look at the iconic “splinter pattern” and markings worn by the AJSH variant. 

Looking at CyberModeller the colours are 

Vallejo Air colours 

Black                      71-057 Black

Dark Green             71-924 US forest green Matt

Sierra tan                 71-125 USAF brown 

Gray                        71-312 IJN medium green 

Light green             71-137 US light green 

Silver                       71-072 gun metal 

Not looking forward to the airbrush template cutting for this beast! 



Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Partizan shoppinggggg



Finally back home from my first ever Partizan and what a blast it was. I managed to get a great amount of supplies and miniatures from Partizan and photograph it. First up I did have a lot in pre order and some was paid for back in January (my Christmas shopping time), so could be packed and sent in time for my return from Australia and has been sitting at Shaun’s awaiting pick up at this Partizan, particularly as the customs duties to France are punishing if the value is high……oh well Brexit continues to hurt UK small wargaming businesses. 

AB miniatures

20mm American Para, artillery crews and vehicle crews

Ready to Roll 

Raventhorpe British airborne jeeps 

Alder miniatures 

20mm American para, British airborne vehicle crews, German vehicle crews

Early War Miniatures 

Early War Miniatures, British artillery bits

EWM Dutch hussars and artillery crews 

Belgian Hussars, cyclists frontiers and some AA crew


First up we met Harry Sidebottom, and received signed copies of his books, a thrill as I have been reading the stories of Ballista since his first one. 

A lot of books, a lot of these were from my mate in Wales who is clearing his library, but a great selection available and cheap! Even my wife purchased two. 

Old Glory

Two packs of French casualties and wounded for markers for my revolutionary -1809 French army

Gripping Beast 

28mm Gothic cavalry so I can compete my goth cavalry units. 

Foundry miniatures

Imperial Roman Command, praetorian shields, gladiators 

Random stores and Hinds miniatures 

Imperial Roman’s, dark age skirmish types, goths, Bolt action Dice, random truck loads, glue, paint and clippers 

ABC Paint brushes 

First time trying the Pro art series, picked up work horse acrylic and sable they are a great price 


Always need these, possibly should of purchased another 20 or so for my Napoleonic casualties 

Plastic kits 

I had to rescue two Horsa gliders and a German fighter for a tenner

ww2 new kits and a modern jet for my Cold War warpac.

Resin bits 

Bridges from Kallistra, really nice and suitable up to 28mm 

So a huge haul, only a little over budget, a lot of painting ahead of me!