Tuesday, December 30, 2014

French FT17 1940

Two HAT 1/72nd FT17 s, I have put these into no particular units as I want to use them for French, Vichy French and Belgian games. Vey happy how they have come out

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Monday, June 30, 2014

Sunday, March 30, 2014

German 2nd Waffen SS additions

Some German additions of the desk this week,

additions to the 2nd SS
need a better pic of this!


Monday, March 17, 2014

Team Yankee .....Fail

The Club game we played today (Sunday). It was set in Germany in 1985 and the scenario was based upon a scene in Howard Coyle's book Team Yankee, the scenarios are from the board game of the same name.

The game opened with a Polish (Soviet) heli-borne assault to capture two bridges on the West German border. Here a Polish Choppers  across the border

The Polish airborne troops come in aboard their Helicopters.

The first wave of Polish airborne land and assault the factory which was held by British infantry. The Brits in the factory had been hit by the Hind's chain gun the turn before and lost about half their men.
Polish special forces are landed on the rooftop of a building in the centre of the town. From there they destroyed the British APC you can see. One thing that helped the Poles greatly was that every time the British battalion rolled a morale test it rolled 1. They did this several times in a row! This meant that British battalion could do nothing for those turns which essentially gave the Poles free reign over the town.
The second wave of Polish airborne come in. These took the hill in the center and wiped out the Brits who were holding it.

A view of one of the Polish helicopters carrying the second wave into the town. By this time the bridges were firmly under Polish control. The British battalion failed its morale again and surrendered! Questions will no doubt be asked just who those Brits were.

The Hind takes out a British Scorpion. When the Scorpion unit tested morale it failed and abandoned its sole remaining AFV. NATO morale dice during the whole game were appalling.

The second part of the game was a Russian armoured assault that Team Yankee had to meet and defeat. The table was lengthened for this part of the game.

The lengthened table

Soviet armour arrives and begins to cross the bridges captured by the airborne earlier in the game. The Polish airborne infantry advance through the town.
Team Yankee waits for the onslaught.
The Russians deploy as they exit the town

A US infantry battalion waits in cover

Tanks engage. One US Tank brews up. No matter what they did the US tankers could not hit the Russians. The dice had decided they were communist dice this day.

The battle turns into a massacre of US armour. All the US MBTs are destroyed and half the US infantry Bn is knocked out by airstrikes. Not one Russian tank is lost. In the final turn the US got air support and a Phantom F4 came in. Before it could do anything Russian AAA hit it and shot it down. To do this they needed a 9 on a d10 and they rolled a 9.

 It really was not NATOs day at all. Thanks again guys, miniatures were Americans, Esci tanks, S model 113s and Italeri M113 mortar and Vulcan, american infantry Liberation. British, mix of matchbow, S models, Dragon, and figures Liberation. Russians Revell, Dragon, S and S and Um, trumpeter, & diecast MBT & APC kits, helicopters were Italeri, Hobby Boss, academy and diecast, Infantry are wartime miniatures and plastic Spetznatz.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bydgoszcz, Poland 1939

This club meeting Unlucky General decided to run out his early war Germans vs my Polish. My units are part of the 9th Infantry division, so I picked a scenario around were the 9th was deployed on the 3rd of September after falling back in the face of the Wehrmacht divisions of the 2nd Motorised -armoured in the outer suburbs of Bydgoszcz.

I could not roll a 5 or 6 all game on my tanks or anti amour all game, so the germans closed to short range and murdered my Polish in there trenches! I still have not managed to pull off a win with the Poles as yet but I still enjoy the rinky dink nature of the AT guns!

Enjoy the pictures


Monday, February 17, 2014

Golden Monty RF weekend

Well a number of the guys got together to play out the 200, 300 and 400 point battle groups in the RF Normandy Campaign book on the weekend, I played one game as a stand in for a Brit player as I did not finish my FJ that are still on my desk awaiting some love. A big thanks to those people who traveled down from the Cumberland Society in Sydney to add some new players to our RF group in Goulburn.

 Each table had a terrain and road set up that was worth bonus points each set up:- the  different options were,
200 point single village, one wood and one hill each and 24 ft of Hedges, crossroad
300 point two villages, one wood, one hill each and one wood and one hill extra that had to be in the set up area between the troops.
400 point one town, one wood, one hill each and one wood and one hill extra that had to be in the set up area between the troops.

Panzer Lehr was the most popular choice for the Axis and US armoured btn the most popular for the allied.

Some photos that I managed to take