Sunday, January 29, 2012

Painting Auscam or Descam my solution

Having been asked about my colour solution for 20mm Australian Camouflage more times than I can remember at CANCON, so I have decided to post up my solution, I will try to also do a step by step too.


undercoat black
Vallejo Colurs unless noted
uniform base Iraqi sand 819 
Dark green rabbits ears Black green 70980
mid Green rabbits ears olive green 967
light brown rabbits ears german cam medium brown 70826
dark brown rabbits ears  Mahogany brown 70846
then apply wash

undercoat black
Vallejo Colurs unless noted
uniform base  Buff 976
grey rabbits ears Space wolves grey (Games workshop)
light brown rabbits ears german cam medium beige 821
mid brown rabbits ears  horse tone bay 224 (coat d'arms)
Then apply wash

weapons, metal work, radio antenna's  and radio hand sets German black grey 70995, webbing clips, Radio bodies, ammo box's, Steyr's stock and magazine, carry handle and scope, goggle covers,  Luftwaffe cam green 70823
Boots and early chest harness English Uniform 921
Boots and some SF chest harness and radio harness and head sets, knee pads and straps sets US field drab 873
Boots 70995 black grey
Nonnex gloves grey, black or green.

Note: Vallejo black wash 30% diluted with distilled water or satin varnish with a single drop of glaze medium (I find this helps to improve flow so the wash only lays in the creases), then allow to dry for a day or more, then you can also re highlight the colour's (I don't bother on auscam) then matt varnish and then complete the base.



  1. Hi there Matt, I have a question in regards to the Devland Mudd section. Do I apply the Devlan Mudd wash after over the camo or before I apply it?

    Sorry dont want to stuff it up!

  2. after, then if you like re highlight