Monday, January 30, 2012

A Fatwa on you and your mother! FOF batrep

At Cancon myself and Matt C (Wartime Minis) decided to hold a FOF participation game using Wartime minis and some terrain I made especially for the game and for Matt's collection.

We only conducted games on the Sunday and we had eighteen people play and a number also watching. The pics are from the first and last games of the day!

I wanted a basic and fast scenario for the participation game.

 Basically the Afghan Mufti Mujaheddin leader had  to save his wife from three fire teams of Russian conscripts, 1 heavy weapon fire team and two rifle fire teams with grenade launchers. The  Mujaheddin  had 6 fire teams Morale D10 while ever their leader was alive but only fired on D6, I also made them elusive while in cover, the mufti had to collect his wife in person. Of the 8 games played he was captured in three of the games, killed once, badly wounded three times and only once was the feat achieved to get his wife out :twisted: the Russian conscripts were regulars on D8s all round, they put up a good fight and only really failed once, when all three fire teams failed a morale rolls in the same turn and bugged out!

I also had a flock of sheep who moved randomly  to interrupt fire if they were caught in any crossfire!



  1. Look really nice - and if lots of kiddies had fun that is what it is all about.

    I'm still having trouble getting my head around the rules though.


  2. we need to have a game then!

    Carlo's Son Ben helped me run the games he was excellent!

    Only three other kids played, for the day so that was good! Not like the Royal Easter show at least!!!!!!

  3. Excellent! Cant believe I missed this though :-(

  4. only there on Sunday, the boards were on Wartime's Table on Friday and Saturday though!