Thursday, October 22, 2015

Operation "Popcorn chicken" Попкорн курица

Damien, Dan and myself decided to have a midweek fame at my place this week, and we decided to have a modern game using Modern Rapid Fire rules.

Damien selected the west Germans and Dan the Russians, I umpired the game, the game was a seesaw game, the soviets finally won though after both Leo 1s were destroyed and the infantry failed morale roll and surrendered.

West Germans advance to take up defensive positions

All quite

The greasy chicken in the striped roof, we joked that if the soviets could not get close the soviet would target it with artillery and create some popcorn chicken!
Leo takes out the btr 80 at long range

Another BTR80 destroyed, but it did reveal a leopard 1
Who was then destroyed by a t80
Which in turn was destroyed by a brave Russian using a RPG

Btr80 destroyed by a leopard 1


  1. Nice looking game, good to see the 20mm modern toys out!

  2. Good to see the Bundeswehr in action!

  3. Looks fantatsic, just getting into 20mm myself.