Saturday, May 7, 2016

28mm Rhodesian Light Infantry and Alouette III G car

After more than three years in the painting pile I finally put these guys onto the table about a month ago, just before I moved house from the outer suburbs of Sydney to the inner west of Sydney.

I really like the figures and they were a joy to paint, I have an original RLI camo jacket in my collection so I had a very good idea about the  camouflage, I loved the patrol pose and the weapons are superb sculpts, I used a SLR  and mag 58 during my service so happy to see them so well done.

The Alouette III  G car helicopter proved to be a much tougher model with a lot of fiddling to get it correct, I strengthened the blade connection with wire and plastic card, I have also made a stand for the beast as it is too heavy for the wheels, I am very happy with the result also.