Thursday, June 22, 2017

Rafah Six day war

Last nights club game was the defence of Rafah during the six day war, Fred and I played the Egyptians, we needed to block the road to Rafah, I commanded the remainder of the 26th division from our ongoing campaign, only a single coy of Js3m and SU100, Fred commanded the 6th mechanised with two coys of mixed T54 and T55, with some T34-85 to make up the remainder of the blocking force.

The Israelis were commanded by Chris, he rolled well in the previous campaign roll so received two coys of centurions, 1 m48 coy, and a coy of Sherman's, along with a FO for air support.

We had to hold for 8 turns....we failed on the 7th!
Red match destroyed, yellow pinned, orange demoralised, rules were designed by Chris.

Israeli troops advance

Skulking Egyptian T55s and hull down T55s and T34-85s

On overwatch

My enthusiastic shots eventually managed to take out a Sherman, the return fire was devastating 

My Js3 and SU100 coy, my morale failed after two destroyed vehicles

Destroyed and pinned T55s

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