Friday, July 7, 2017

WW2 Dutch Army part 1

Dutch Army 1940

I have added more Dutch to add to the growing collection of 1940 troops, I still have quite a lot to do to complete the army, predominantly infantry, motorcycles and some armour.

1st up are some Dutch Hussars, converted from Minairons Republican cavalry, The Dutch hussars had three regiments in service, but I cannot find if any were mounted, but I suspect some were used for scouting and reconnaissance. 
WW2 Dutch Hussars

Dutch cyclists from EWM, lovely models I am picking up another 20 odd of these to make the whole battalion mounted!

1940 Dutch Cyclists

EWM 20mm Dutch Cyclists

The 7 veld infantry gun, limbered artillery, gun and limber Moonlight models, horses and crew Revell.

Dutch 7 veld artillery piece

Dutch 7 Veld, the moonlight model is no longer available unfortunately 

Hope you enjoy these


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