Friday, September 4, 2020

Wargames Room / Salon de Guerre III

Yesterday I had my premier game in the partially finished “Salon de Guerre” with our week long holiday guest Chris Pringle   (Author of Bloody Big Battles) and his wife. A very delightful visit and a great rapid fire game to bless the room.

We decided to play a battalion of British paras with a support company holding the village to prevent the Germans from exiting the table. The Wehrmacht forces were two battalions of infantry, one stug and a recon light armoured car coy, plus a coy of recon mechanised infantry, commands by a RHQ.

Chris really used his battalion artillery well along with his mortars first to lay smoke to make his assault on the defending Brits, then to pound the paras until they were pinned. Eventually he assaulted the village after losing two companies pushed or destroyed the remaining Brits out capturing before the allotted 15 turns.



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