Sunday, February 28, 2021

Argentinian Dassault Mirage IIIeA part three

 Argentine Dassault Mirage IIIeA Part three 

Out of the paint shop, I painted it with Vallejo colours using a camouflage guide from the net that a Argentine modeller had put on his 1/48th kit, plus some guess work looking as some paint guides on the net crossmatching Hakata to Vallejo, quite happy with my result.

Paints used
  • Base surface primer Vallejo Israeli sand grey 70.614
  • under belly Vallejo Air Pale Blue Grey 70.046
  • base khaki Vallejo Air Khaki Brown 71.024
  • dark green Vallejo Air Russian Green 71.017
  • light green Vallejo Air Olive grey 71.015
  • Black nose Vallejo Glossy Black 70.861

Gloss varnish done and black lining complete. When you paint things you do see bits you have missed and if it was going to be a display model I may of went back and fixed them particularly joints ... as the I have run out of Tamiya putty so had to resurrect some squadron putty that was not quite good enough....need a replacement putty. 

Next was my problem with Decals........Hannants are no longer shipping to Europe and with no European supplier with any decals in 1/72 I though I may of missed the build deadline for the Brexit Modellers build. My mate Robin saved me with a set of micro scale decals that he had is his stash, we swapped for a set of Mirage 2000 drop tanks.......

 I now need add the guide wire for a flying model, though the chassis, then touch up paint bits, add the squadron markings, add the pilot, missiles, drop tanks, antennas and canopy, then complete!


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