Saturday, June 5, 2021

Arab-Israeli War project

Arab-Israeli War project

As the 50th Anniversary is coming up in a bit over a year and a half,  I thought I had get my finger out and complete my Arab-Israeli war project over the next twelve months. I currently use Able Archer for my rules and have played a few games back in Australia with my collection, but Fred and I mostly played with armour rather than much infantry and air cover. Now I have decided to complete my Israelis over the next two months or so. I then basically need to build all of my Egyptians and Syrians, I predominantly have all of the figures purchased and all of the vehicles, plus most of the aircraft,  I just need to crack on and paint it all.

The Plan

I want to build decent sized battlegroups for both the north Golan heights and the south that can be used for the 67 war and the Yom Kippur war in 73. The Egyptian and Syrian infantry and armour could also be used for other middle eastern nations as subs. I will probably use Able Archer modern rules based loosely of Rapid fire.

Israeli Army

M60 A1 btn of 4 tanks

AMX 13 recon coy

M50 and M51 Sherman two coys of 4 tanks

m5 and M113 half tracks

AT coy jeeps armed 105mm recoilless

1 motorised battalion inf

1 armoured battalion inf

188th brigade Golan Heights

M48A3 battalion 4 tanks

Centurion Sho't Kal 105mm x 4

2 paratroop battalions

1 SF coy

artillery battery armoured 

jeeps and trucks

Air support

1 A4 Skyhawk

1 F4 phantom

1 Iai Kfir

2 huey choppers 

Egyptian Army

T-55 battalion 7 tanks

T-62 battalion 7 tanks

armoured recon battalion

2 battalions armoured infantry BTR

1 battalion motorised inf trucks

1 commando battalion

Air Support 

MIG 21

MIG 17

Syrian Army

7th Inf division elements

T55 tank batn 9 tanks 

2 inf battalions in BTR 50

artillery battery

Republican Guard independent 70th Armored Brigade

T62 battalion 9 tanks

BMP 1 armoured Inf Regiment

Artillery battery

Anti Tank battery

Air Support

Mig 21

SU 22

so quite a build. I hope to get the Israelis completed this year I hope



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