Sunday, July 18, 2021

Lazy Sunday........completing Kits

 Completing Kits......on a lazy Sunday

The last two weeks have been busy due to renovations, customers and Vanessas birthday party!

So being Sunday today, I actually had the whole day to fluff around so I slept in this morning done some reading and this afternoon sat down and completed some kits left over from the 30 day kit challenge, and some recent purchases. 

The most exciting recent purchase was the a bunch of Airfix kits. A old Airfix Bristol Bloodhound, a kit that brings back fond memories from my childhood, I also picked up a part built Scimitar and Scorpion, plus a JB models Saladin and a Male WW1 Mk1 tank. All were completed in about four hours, so happy days. 

The bloodhound will go on a base I think as a good site for a Spetsnaz raid, the Scorpion and Smitar both the tracks have disintegrated so I need to cast some or buy some from somewhere... The Saladin will jon my Kuwati army for the first Gulf War and the MK1 may be off to defend Berlin or become a mini WW1 Diorama, not decided yet!

Airfix Bristol Bloodhound

Airfix Land Rover

JB Models Saladin

Airfix Scorpion and Scimitar

Airfix Mk 1 Male ww1 tank

Now I am onto the original intention today, complete a PST KV2 and an ACE BTR50PK......damn individual tracks are the man pain. The KV2 may become a Beute Panzer and the BTR50pk will join my Warpac.


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