Friday, August 6, 2021

JU86 d1 build Part 1

Junkers JU86 D1 build

Well a cold wet day kept me from doing external chores so I elected to pull out some kits from the stock and decided upon the Italeri Junkers JU86D1 and four others to assemble over the coming week of predicted wet weather.

 Originally I purchased this for SCW aerial dogfights, but as it is a little large I have decided to add it to my Luftwaffe for the invasion of Poland where I believe the JU86D1 flew its only combat missions of ww2 with Kampfgeschwader 1 /III, (I do quite like the 5th Staffel KG254 1937 colours below).

I will paint in the early war pattern I think, and as a wargaming flying model, as very little information exists for the JU86D1 service. 

JU 86 colour ideas

JU86 colour ideas

cockpit Interior 
looking at the forward bombardier/gunners position

The  dorsal gunners position; and within a retractable ventral position

Interior commenced RLM 02 brush painted



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