Friday, December 16, 2022

British Parachute Brigade additions

 British Parachute Brigade additions

Another project this winter analogue painting challenge is to complete my Dday/Arnhem British parachute brigade kit. I want add all of the ancillary bits, supply, proper foldable airborne AT guns, motorbikes,  tractor towed AT guns, tractor  towed artillery, Ops command centre. Plus complete all my British gliders. 
  1. Airborne supply dump, a small dio I have in mind. 
  2. Replace my 6pdrs with foldable airborne AT guns (replace the airfix plastic 6pdrs )
  3. Airborne motorbikes, just need to paint them!
  4. Morris cut down gun tractors with towed 17 per AT guns and mounted crews
  5. Morris cut down truck deployed
  6. Jeeps more jeeps and crews!
  7. Ops command centre
  8. Three horsa gliders especially marked for Pegasus bridge with the landed versions as close as I can get them to the pictures. 
  9. Another 3 Horsa for Dday/Arnhem
  10. Build and complete my Hamilcar
  11. Paint my Light Tank Mk VII (A17), also known as the Tetrarch
This will give me a total of 10 gliders I can put on my table.


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