Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Mayenne Build : Maison particular ville WIP

Mayenne Ville Build

This year I want to commence my Ville Mayenne city tiles that can be used for any major French city really on a river. one side will be predominately intact with a few damaged buildings the other side heavily damaged to represent Ville Mayenne in August 1944.

My main focus for the build will be the main buildings between place de Cheverus to the Pont McCracken where a majority of the fighting occurred in the city.

Maison Particular

This week a new work in progress of a recent second hand purchase of some model railway buildings I picked up at a market very cheaply. The first building is a Vollmer post office which I will convert to a town house (Maison Particular ). This building will represent Dr Morrisett’s house which was the headquarters for the German commander of the Oisseau radar station. First up I washed the building in warm soapy water, then cleaned up the glue and prepared the rear of the building for render treatment. As I want it to represent the actual building a little more. I did think about cutting it up but have decided against it. I also need to scratch build a garage for the Maison and front gates.

Dr Morrisets House, the commandant of the Oisseau radar station 3 klm north west of the city.

Garage detail

The dependencies

a 20mm figure sitting on the steps

Building rear, I will render this and add plastic card under the floating verandahs or add steps. 


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