Friday, May 26, 2023

Saab Viggen WIP 2

 Whilst I was in Newark I visited the air museum to get a few photos for reference, another great example was a Saab Viggen which is one of my Cold War jet builds this year. This is the only example of this jet in the UK and I was really interested in getting a good look at the iconic “splinter pattern” and markings worn by the AJSH variant. 

Looking at CyberModeller the colours are 

Vallejo Air colours 

Black                      71-057 Black

Dark Green             71-924 US forest green Matt

Sierra tan                 71-125 USAF brown 

Gray                        71-312 IJN medium green 

Light green             71-137 US light green 

Silver                       71-072 gun metal 

Not looking forward to the airbrush template cutting for this beast! 



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