Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Allied Fighter Aircraft over Normandy III P51B-5

Allied aircraft build III.

Currently adding more aircraft to the allied air support of operation Cobra and the breakout east through Mayenne to Le Mans, then the push north to close the Falaise pocket. So research first for squadrons etc who flew in the area in support of the US troops, plus those who bombed and strafed the retreating germans through the pocket area.

I build all of my kits in the wheels up mode, and add a hole in the bottom for my plane bracket to fit into. I also like to add pilots, as most kits do not supply these I need to hunt around my friends who build static kits or buy resin and metal pilots.

Third build is a mister craft 1/72 P51B-5 Mustang often referred to as the MKIII by the RAF and RCAF. It is quite a basic kit went together very well with very little clean up, I managed to remember to paint the interior, but have not attached the transfers for the instrument panel, will add this later before I place the pilot in. (I am thinking about second Mustang of these but a P51D model!)

Options I am thinking for my aircraft

122 squadron RAF
flew Mk III until 1945

65 Squadron RAF (withdrawn in September to refit to MkIV or P-51D models)

315 squadron RAF (polish )

316 squadron RAF (Polish)



  1. Nice looking model, Matt. Inspires me to get some RAF aircraft someday.

    1. I have so many kits it is a little embarrassing.....