Friday, May 29, 2020

SturmGeschütz III ausf G variants 1942-45

 SturmGeschütz III ausf G variants

A chart I came across on the airfix taptalk forum, posting it here for my own reference really!

A big thanks to user Huib who made this up and posted it on the forum.

Summary Stug III Variations

December 1942 to March 1943

  1. Drivers periscope
  2. No schurzen 
  3. Bolt on frontal armour 
  4. No shot deflector on the front cupola
  5. Machine gun shield
  6. Box model mantlet without co-ax MG
  7. Rubber rimmed return rollers
  8. No zimmeret

Mid Production December 43- February 44

  1. No drivers periscope 
  2. Early production schürzen (tended to fall off easily)
  3. With or without shot deflector on cupola
  4. Welded frontal armour
  5. MG shield 
  6. Box model mantlet or Saukopf mantlet without co-ax MG
  7. All steel return rollers
  8. Zimmeret

Late Production October 1944-April 45

  1. No driver periscope 
  2. Improved Shürzen mounts
  3. Welded frontal armour
  4. Shot deflector on cupola
  5. Rotating machine gun mount
  6. Box mantlet or saukopf manlet with co-ax MG
  7. All steel return rollers
  8. No zimmeret 
  9. Concrete add on armour to mantlet option

The airfix Stug III suits October /November 43 but needs shürzen added at least, with a later Saukopf manlet. Bolt on frontal armour needs to be adjusted also. 


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