Sunday, November 28, 2021

Israeli Armoured Recon Part 1

 Israeli Armoured recon unit

Next addition to my Israeli army for my Arab-Israeli war collection is a recon platoon of 10 figs, I also plan to add three jeeps, one with a 106mm RCL. I am still looking for a suitable unit to base them on for the six day war. 

The figures are from the platoon 20 range, which I am happy to report that the range has been purchased and will be back in production soon I hear at East Front Miniatures. The radio operator is from the later range, but I wanted one so I purchased him.

Israeli Recon company 



  1. The Platoon 20 Arab-Israeli range is back in production.
    For recon units you are spoilt for choice. How about task force Granit under Israel Granit. An ad hoc battalion sized force formed from the recon jeep companies belonging to the armoured brigades in Ugdah Tal with an attached para jeep mounted recoilless rifles unit and a detached M48A2 company?
    Or there are the various regional recon Sayeret units. A mix of jeeps, RR jeeps and M3 halftracks.
    There's also the Jerusalem brigade company all decked out in multi -colour civilian hats (described as jockey caps but photos show small jungle hats).
    Some info here:

  2. Superb work on these guys, and great to see the old platoon 20 stuff out in the light again. Look forward to seeing more.