Wednesday, September 13, 2023

WIP Wednesday American Airborne

 I Finally have decided to attack my new  Normandy Airborne Americans (I know you do not need both Normandy and Arnhem …. But Different uniforms ….. Oh well the life of a button counter lol). 

I purchased four new battalions of Airborne for Rapid Fire plus support elements from Alder and Simons Soldiers miniatures earlier in the year in Oz and at Partizan along with jeeps from RTR and guns from SHQ and Early War Miniatures. 

I undercoated two battalions on the weekend and have already got the base colours on the guns and jeeps. 

I plan to get them completed next few weeks, then onto the glider troops, more vehicles, Waco gliders, plus some C47 aircraft planned with actual aircraft for the 101st! Then I will commence the 82nd Airborne, and do the same.  



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