Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Belgian Chassuers Alvis-Straussler Hefty Part Three

 Belgian Alvis-Straussler Hefty truck

While I was researching my Belgians, I came across a reference to the Alvis designed hefty artillery tow truck, finding info on this beast is quite difficult as it seems a number of models were produced and all called "hefty".

The most common image is the trial version, but I believe the Chassuer Ardennes actually purchased the fifty vehicles of the C model. I could find little or no record of how many were built of each type, it seems several different were in production at the same time, all seemed to have the pivot in the chassis though. 

I know I started this beast almost 5 years ago but it is now complete and awaiting paint! 

WIP 1 from 5 Years ago


Finally Completed this year quite happy with it. Now to the paint shop! 

This year I want to complete a lot of my parked projects and get back to completing my 20mm early ww2 kit and armies.

The Belgians ordered fifty of these primarily for towing artillery and AT guns for the Chasseur Ardennais as far as I can research only thirty five were delivered before the war commenced. 

Alvis-Straussler Hefty gun tractor in Belgium

The C model Alvis Hefty, was conceived by Nicolas Straussler and presented to London Commercial Motor Show in 1935. It was powered by the Ford 3.6L V8 65 hp engine, weighing 2.2 T empty and was articulated and pivoted in the middle to make it possible to cross uneven ground.


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