Monday, August 8, 2022

Dutch Vickers Carden Lloyd


 Dutch armour

The Vickers Carden Llyod MG Carrier

A bit of a spanner in the works this weekend tested positive to Covid on Friday after feeling a little off. So last two days in bed, I thought today I may get a chance to do a bit on the desk, but concentration down to much to paint figures, but good enough for vehicles I thought. This vehicle has been part finished for some time all it needed was highlighting and marking up to complete. So on and off over a few hours I managed to get it done. Quite happy. The miniature is from Early War Miniatures range of Dutch.  

The Dutch had five of these for the invasion in 1940 and they were the only tracked vehicles in service. All of the Cardenas Llyod carriers were all named after big cats. I selected Cougar / Poema and painted it on by hand along with the Dutch triangle. As there were only 5 that is the total required for Rapid Fire Rules. 

Next up will be some more horse drawn equipment and some AA. 


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