Sunday, August 7, 2022

Dutch Chevrolet truck

Dutch supply truck
Finally had some time this week as we are in the middle of a major restoration of the third floor of the house, 200sqm of dust to fight with over the next two weeks at least! I have decided to complete some pieces from my Dutch project this year so they are front line at the moment. 

First to be completed is the Minairons miniatures resin truck. Not the prettiest model, and it needs a lot of filling to fix but with a bit of work and some extra bits placed on it such as fuel tank, jack box and tow hook it gets closer to the Dutch model. A lot of filling of the resin and even after a few dunks in hot water I could not correct the bent truck bed. After enough fussing I decided to add some scratch built and 3d printed bits for a removable load and some SHQ metal pieces also, including the driver. The truck will join my HQ unit for the artillery. 

More Dutch coming this weekend as I need to complete my artillery build for the Wargamers forum. 

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